Networks Program

Create Your Own “Network” with Grow VC’s expertise

Are you currently running your own network in startup ecosystem? How about some other entrepreneurial network, like an alumni organization or business community? Would you like to make it more productive?

We have built the “Networks” functionality, that we’re honing with our partners, so that the tools create the most value for all parties. A network is a way to manage your own community, under your own brand, preferences, settings and link it with your partners. It’s a dynamic tool that you control.

The program is being set up to be provided by Crowd Valley Inc, part of the Grow VC Group.

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Current partners include incubators, accelerator programs, Universities, student networks, broker dealers, associations, institutions, startup networks, local networks etc. The possibilites are truly endless.

You don’t have to start building your network from scratch as you can tap into our global startup ecosystem of tens of thousands of members and run your own network on top of the tools that we have created.