Certified Partners

Certified partners are a step beyond experts. An additional separate agreement with additional requirements exists between Grow VC and certified partners. Typically, certified partners are Legal Partners, incubators, boutique investment bankers, angel networks and other startup facilitators that can add value to startups from the global community.

Certified partners receive extensive additional exposure in Grow VC. Details are listed on the front pages of the service. When a user visits the Grow VC site, they can immediately see the certified partners in their region, with direct links to whom to contact. Certified Partners are also recommended to startups and entrepreneurs when they seek guidance and services for their growth and progress.

Apply to Program

The Certified partner package includes:

  • Visibility on the front page and other resource areas
  • Invitation to join the Grow VC Podcast to showcase partner activities
  • Three (3) guest blog post opportunities distributed to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and investors
  • Three (3) Professional Networks for the partner and partners preferred organizations

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Businesses that are looking to connect with the hottest new startups and related professionals can also join Grow VC. Sponsors receive visibility on the site’s main pages inside the service and can also send special offerings to users that subscribe to them.

For any issues related to sponsors, please contact us at: