We at Grow VC have an open door policy to individuals that share our vision for the future. We are after the long term vision of democratizing startup funding, which will not be built overnight and we recognize we are not going to do it alone. We’ve already made great progress, but are always looking for more entrepreneurial and driven people to join our growing team.

We have many opportunities in Grow VC and are looking for entrepreneurial people to add value to the Grow VC mission and venture, and in return we can offer Grow VC stock options. We can be flexible on time spent, but we are always looking for a longer time relationship as we build our venture.

Currently we are focused on our global positioning, as the market develops. Our own team is located on six continents and we are looking to be active globally, but also locally in each of the most important markets in this developing field.



Here are some roles we are currently looking to fill. This list is not absolute, so if you feel you can add value, get in touch and we will figure it out:

- Visual designers

We have new opportunities in various stages, all the way from visual identity creation to later phase planning. Talent is key, if you have what it takes, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

- UX designers

Work with the Grow VC marketplace platform to create a phenomena user experience and flow. You will be on the cutting edge of redesigning finance and a user experience that speaks for itself.

- Designers & Wireframe/Mockup experts

Join the team to develop a seamless platform, step by step all the way from planning new versions and features, to improving the functionality and creating a fantastic experience for the users.

- Project Coordinator

You are capable to coordinate larger projects, but able to get back to basics on details where needed. Important skills include project management, coordination and communication skills along with the openness to learn. Technical knowledge is a plus.

- Software Developers

Grow VC has a brilliant and capable team of software developers. Join our efforts in the global team to create the largest innovation in finance that the world has seen.

- API Product Manager

Manage the Grow VC API to tap into hundreds of external sites and various different vertical applications. There impact on the global startup ecosystem can be incredible with the API and taking responsibility of the project needs an extremely talented person.

- Mobile App Product Manager

Take responsibility of the mobile application and develop a great system for tapping into the global startup marketplace on the go.

- PR Coordinator

Entrepreneurship and startups deserve to be in the press. Make crowdfunding news in the media, keeping the topical discussion going with a global network of enthusiasts in the press, starting from the grassroots to the big headlines.

- Early Stage Portfolio Manager

Send Markus an e-mail for more information.

- Executive Assistant

Work with top management and assist in coordinating the backend of the global operations.

- Operational resources around the world

Having a user base from over 190 countries requires the team to be built from the top down and ground up. Therefore we’re always looking for brilliant, entrepreneurial people from where our community is.

- Contributors to Translation Project

Pssst... there are also a few unlisted stealth projects going on. If you’re interested in taking a committed role in revolutionary technologies, send an open letter arguing your skills as an entrepreneur to