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The Grow VC Group is the world leading, global pioneer of securities crowdfunding, peer to peer marketplaces, new investment models and building born global companies. Established in 2009, the Group continues to innovate new investment and business development models globally.

Investment banking type services on crowdfunding, peer to peer investing and new open funding models on a global level.

The first and number one global equity crowdfunding marketplace for startups, where you can run crowdfunding campaign for free.

Providing global knowledge, platform and back office services for crowdfunding, peer to peer investing and alternative asset marketplaces for securities professionals.

International crowdfunding platform that allows people to fund personal projects. Kapipal is focused on personal causes and life-events.

Desiging competitive advantage in digital products and services by perfecting user experience.

A global non-profit initiative developing startup ecosystems with shared knowledge and open data, to make supporting startups effective, cost efficient and transparent.

Raise capital for your globalizing company. Invest in high-growth, export-driven companies.

The ultimate trading platform for real, physical commodities, conveniently delivered or stored in insured vaults around the world.

Asia based crowd investing platform that specializes in access to real estate assets and promotes diversification through investing globally.

World-class PR to brands in the digital, media and publishing industries, with special expertise in the areas of early-stage finance, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding.