by: Valto Loikkanen

Grow VC is a funding community, where everyone can fund startups.

Our services are for: (1) Entrepreneurs, who can publish their startups and seek funding, (2) Investors, who can follow the most promising startups and find investment opportunities, and (3) Experts, who can provide services to startups in exchange for equity or cash.

In our service, anyone can fund startups. Members can avail a micro investment plan, wherein they can start funding startups for as little as $20 per month. These micro investments are aggregated and facilitated by Grow VC, which makes the investments only based on the member’s indications. If these startups generate a return in the future, each member that made the micro investment into the successful startup will gain a reward.

Funders, for example angel investors, can also make direct investments into startup through our service, with no commission or transaction costs. These are naturally from their own private capital. These are also separate from the micro investments, where the funder is directly responsible for his investments. Naturally this direct investment is decided in the closing process so that it is efficient considering the amount invested and stake held.

All investments are only “intentions” in our service. This means, that only once a startup has gained the required “intentions” for its funding round, will it go into closing and the legal parties will take over. Only after a legal due diligence, where all the relevant procedures and safety measures are taken, will the money exchange hands. The closing process, conducted by certified partners, is alike the one conducted in the traditional investment process. This is to ensure that everything is secure and reliable.

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