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September 8th, 2011 by: Valto Loikkanen

Grow VC is a funding community, where everyone can fund startups.

Our services are for: (1) Entrepreneurs, who can publish their startups and seek funding, (2) Investors, who can follow the most promising startups and find investment opportunities, and (3) Experts, who can provide services to startups in exchange for equity or cash.

In our service, anyone can fund startups. Members can avail a micro investment plan, wherein they can start funding startups for as little as $20 per month. These micro investments are aggregated and facilitated by Grow VC, which makes the investments only based on the member’s indications. If these startups generate a return in the future, each member that made the micro investment into the successful startup will gain a reward.

Funders, for example angel investors, can also make direct investments into startup through our service, with no commission or transaction costs. These are naturally from their own private capital. These are also separate from the micro investments, where the funder is directly responsible for his investments. Naturally this direct investment is decided in the closing process so that it is efficient considering the amount invested and stake held.

All investments are only “intentions” in our service. This means, that only once a startup has gained the required “intentions” for its funding round, will it go into closing and the legal parties will take over. Only after a legal due diligence, where all the relevant procedures and safety measures are taken, will the money exchange hands. The closing process, conducted by certified partners, is alike the one conducted in the traditional investment process. This is to ensure that everything is secure and reliable.

For more information, contact info@growvc.com

September 8th, 2011 by: Valto Loikkanen

Different networks may have different rules and preferences. Please refer to the rules in the network you are active in. If anything is unclear kindly contact the network manager for more information.

The Global Grow VC Network is available to all private investors, entrepreneurs and other individuals who would like to join startups and/or want to see more innovation off the ground.  In some countries we must, due to legal restrictions, limit the service to even some qualified users (e.g. accredited investors). Our aim is that anyone who is interested in making small investments in early phase companies should be able to do it, if not now then definitely in the near future.

September 8th, 2011 by: Markus Lampinen

An expert in the community is someone with professional competence that can be useful to startups. Examples include auditors, lawyers, investment bankers, technology professionals, etc. Experts can make work investments in startups by investing their working time instead of capital. By providing professional services in the Virtual Silicon Valley ecosystem, startups gain from expertise needed for success!

September 8th, 2011 by: Chris

In the global Grow VC community, anyone can make micro investments in startup companies. This feature may or may not be available in your network, please consult the network rules or contact the appropriate network manager for more information.

Anyone can get a micro investment plan from his or her ‘account’ section. With a micro investment plan, you will have a set budget of micro investments to make. You can increase funds from your “account” and allocate them by selecting startups that you believe are good investment targets. Grow VC provides the service for the micro investments and facilitates the process, making it efficient for all parties involved.

Select “invest” in a startup profile to make your first micro investment!

September 7th, 2011 by: Markus Lampinen

This feature may or may not be active in your network. Check your network rules and with your network manager for more information.

Users in the global Grow VC community can publish public profiles.  Users can also publish their startup profiles as “public” and these will show up in a limited form, for example have a look at the Grow VC public profile.

To publish your startup as a public profile, you may need to re-publish it. The default publish setting is to be visible only within the service, for registered members.

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Grow VC is currently running a Networks Pilot Program, launching the networks feature with several prominent partners. If you wish to get more information on running your own network or want to apply to the program, sign up here.


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Anyone can start and run their own network. And what’s best here, anyone can start them for free!

Find out more by signing in and clicking on the “Networks” tab in the platform.

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What are examples of Networks in Grow VC?

There are student networks, incubator networks, startup networks, angel networks, philanthropic networks, etc. Any sort of network that would make use of the value in the tools and functionality that Grow VC has created can utilize Networks.

August 17th, 2011 by: Markus Lampinen

Imagine taking the tools and resources Grow VC has created, and using them for running your own community. This is exactly what Networks is!

The Networks run on top of the Grow VC platform, but can have their own visual design, graphics, rules and preferences, and so on. You can integrate them to your own front end, wherein users can sign up to your network from your own website. Anyone can create a network and start it for free. For larger networks with more customized functionality, separate fees apply.

Networks come in all shapes and sizes. Grow VC does not act as a gatekeeper; you can choose what type of network you run, right from a leisure group interested in showcasing your own startup projects and developing them, startup groups pitching ideas and refining them to eventual companies, all the way to an angel network looking to connect their deal-flow with the global community or a larger corporation looking to spinoff valuable ideas and collaborate with the entire organization.

July 20th, 2011 by: Markus Lampinen

You may encounter a “limited profile view” if trying to view profiles in the community without a role. In order to view complete profiles in the community, you need at least one active role. You can activate a role for yourself for free.


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You can get our iPhone app from iTunes.

July 18th, 2011 by: Markus Lampinen

The introductory video to the service: What is Grow VC?

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This depends on the rules of the network(s) that you are planning to publish your company in. Before publishing your profile, make sure you read the specific network rules where you are planning to publish it in and make sure you comply with these rules.

In the Grow VC Global Network, it is OK to publish a startup that is early on in the service, Grow VC does not act as a gatekeeper of any kind.

However you have to consider that if you have not yet started operating, your idea alone cannot show any traction or results, therefore it may be harder to entice investors who often want results. Often investors also have an easier time to commit to a startup, when they can see the commitment by the entrepreneur themselves.

However for seeking team members and developing your plans with the community can also get you farther along. It may be a good idea to add your startup to the service early, so that you can update your followers on the progress you have made and they can follow your traction as it develops.

Here’s a post on the value of ideas from our blog:


July 12th, 2011 by: Markus Lampinen

Following the update on 12 July 2011, users can enable micro funding rounds and raise capital in ten milestones. For existing funding rounds, some have been converted into ‘mixed’ rounds. Mixed funding rounds will not use the new system of milestones, and will require the entire round to be closed. If a user wants to convert their funding round into the new system, he or she may cancel it and start a new funding round.

June 25th, 2011 by: Markus Lampinen

On the startup profile, you can enable a work investment opportunity and display it on your startup profile.

Go to the startup profile and click ‘edit’. Select ‘offerings’ and ‘new’. You will see the option to specify a work investment opportunity, which you can then fill the details out for.

Think of how the viewers will see the offering and what you wish to communicate to them. Work investment opportunities will also be visible when searching startups under the tab ‘work’.

June 17th, 2011 by: davide

Yes, you should promote your startup to your own network and other potentially interested individuals to gain attention and online traction.

May 3rd, 2011 by: Markus Lampinen

April 13th, 2011 by: davide

You can choose what micro investment plan you wish to get and the corresponding billing period. You can get the micro investment plan in your “account” inside the service.

Do note that some networks may not have activated the micro investment functionality. This can mean that micro investment opportunities will not show up in some networks.

April 13th, 2011 by: davide

It does not cost anything to publish your startup profile.

April 13th, 2011 by: davide

Regarding the funding round, you can monitor the amount committed through micro investments and direct investment proposals. Direct investment proposals will also need to be approved or rejected by the entrepreneur. You can also monitor how much interest your startup profile has generated, in terms of viewers and ratings by other members.


April 13th, 2011 by: davide

Sure. You can always edit your startup profile, even after you’ve published it.

April 13th, 2011 by: davide

The global community has members from over 190 countries and therefore your audience may be highly international. After getting connected, you can always utilize Skype or other modern channels to get acquainted and introduced. There is a large amount of information and communication that can be gone through via Skype. Once you reach a certain point, you can also make your offline interaction and meetings a lot more productive.

April 3rd, 2011 by: davide

Of course! Go to your profile and embed your YouTube, Vimeo or SlideShare content to your startup profile!

April 3rd, 2011 by: davide

You can download an iPhone application for the Grow VC Service here.