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This is not a soft question, it’s actually the most challenging one you could ask. It could be the key to creating a sustainable and thriving business. This question is relevant also for fintech services. Head of Vision at Grow VC Group, Alan Moore,is bringing his experience of how to craft beautiful businesses, when he helps companies to develop better business.

The challenge to embrace what is real

The search for beauty challenges you to see more deeply. By focusing on beauty you are not being soft or touchy-feely; on the contrary, you are demanding rigour and discipline. As philosopher poet Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “Beauty gets us out of surfaces and into the foundation of things”. It’s not an escape from reality, but an intimate embrace of it.

If your business were more beautiful… What would be different about its culture?  Is it possible for a business to do workaday, mundane things, but still in a beautiful way? How would leadership work in a more beautiful version of your business?

These are the sort of questions Alan is asked as he tours with his book – Do Design. Why beauty is key to everything. The book explores how the idea of beauty applies to businesses from high tech to axe-making.

If you find these questions intriguing, please join us and others who do so too. We’ll be gathering to enquire, explore and create, together. You might be stuck in working out what direction to go in. Or seeking a more inspiring vision. Or trying to find new ways to make money. Or working out what your new technology can truly give to the world. You might be launching a precious new business, or working to rebuild an old one. Or a thousand other things besides.

Read more and register here for a gathering in a beautiful old church in Bishopsgate, London.


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