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Globalizers and Localizers Startup Commons

Startup Commons (a Grow VC Group company) co-organizes Connecting Globalizers and Localizers event in Singapore on September 19. The event is a Slush side event. Startup Commons organizes the event with KPMG Digital Village, Slush Singapore and Team Finland.

“Connecting Globalizers and Localizers” is a “selection only” matchmaking event that aims to connect growth stage companies which are looking to scale their solution globally (Globalizers) and serial entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs (Localizers) who are looking to adopt existing innovative solutions from another region to start a new business venture within their local and regional markets in SEA countries.

This event adopts an alternative approach towards internationalization by providing leading startups a platform to showcase their solutions with the aim of generating successful partnerships to drive the commercialization and adoption of proven products and business models locally. Commercial models could include, for example, a joint venture or the establishment of a new company which licenses or franchises the proven solution.


A Globalizer is a growth-stage revenue-generating company that has a proven business model and product who is looking to internationalize by partnering local entrepreneurs:
1. Your company has a market-validated product and business model
2. You are growing internationally or have international expansion plans
3. You are looking for local entrepreneurs or co-founder teams to build business in SEA countries
4. You are not just looking for partners, employees or resellers, but offering an opportunity for significant local equity ownership to potential partners.


Localizers are serial entrepreneurs, experienced leaders or resident intrapreneurs who are focused on kickstarting new business ventures in their home/regional markets through the adoption of existing products and business models. Specifically,
1. You are willing to take an entrepreneurial risk to have an opportunity to build a local successful company for an existing product or service
2. You are looking looking to become the local CEO or be part of the founding team.
3. You have past entrepreneurship experience or have been responsible in creating and growing new businesses.

THIS EVENT IS NOT for those who are simply looking to:
– sell their products or services to others in the event,
– find local resellers or distribution channels or
– looking for investors.

Ask more information from Startup Commons.

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