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On April 1st, 2016, a new crowdfunding decree will enter into force in the Netherlands. This is the result of an effort started by The Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) in December 2014, when they published a report on crowdfunding, drawing attention to perceived problems in the current regulations and offering their recommendations about how the digital investing market in the country could develop more sustainably.

The Netherlands may have a small fintech market, but it’s an interesting one. Symbid, one of the world’s first investment crowdfunding platforms, was born and is currently based there. A report by consultancy firm Douw & Koren (D&K), published at the end of 2015, shows that crowdfunding has doubled in the Netherlands during 2015, with €128M raised in comparison to the €63M of 2014. More than 3500 projects were funded with an average of €90,000 per project.

The potential for digital investing and more in general for the alternative finance market, seems good in the Netherlands. With these new rules things could accelerate further and hopefully we will be able to see some very good results in the months ahead.

In countries like the Netherlands, size is a key concern. We’ve discussed the fragmentation of the European market as an inhibitor to the digital finance markets growth and expect it to continue to as a factor in smaller countries in Europe, outside the majors like the UK. We remain optimistic and call for effective frameworks to facilitate cross border intra-Europe digital finance transactions and see the vast potential for growth if the world’s largest market can act as truly that.

Read the whole article and more about new rules on Crowd Valley News.

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