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An Insider’s View: Free Trade Agreements

This October, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the most ambitious free trade agreements in the world, was reached. This agreement accounts for 40% of the world’s output and one-third of global trade. The TPP is expected to bring huge benefits to its members, including a reduction in thousands of tariffs and the protection of intellectual property rights.

Small Businesses With a Big Stake in the Pacific Trade Deal

During the seven years that the Trans-Pacific Partnership was being negotiated, critics repeatedly claimed that the trade agreement wouldn’t be about trade or cutting tariffs but, instead, would primarily advance the special interests of large multinationals. Economist Joseph Stiglitz, for example, warned that the TPP could “benefit the wealthiest sliver of the American and global elite at the expense of everyone else.”

Exporters need a good product, a strong brand and to keep innovating

If you think about whistles at all, you probably think they are, in the words of Simon Topman, “a low-tech, old-fashioned kind of product” without much scope for innovation. But you’d be wrong – as Topman demonstrated to an audience last week by blowing two different whistles: a standard referee’s whistle, followed by a loudly piercing one used at the London Olympics that had delegates nearly jumping out of their skin.

New fund set to boost trade in Commonwealth countries

The Commonwealth and the Government of Malta, together with the Governments of Mauritius, Sri Lanka and India announced today a new trade financing fund to help boost trade and investment flows, particularly for small and developing countries.

How your business can secure an Export Market Development Grant

More Australian businesses are exporting than ever before and small business exports alone make up nearly 40% of all total exports from Australia. In fact, many companies are now skipping the phase of testing the Australian market and launching into foreign markets immediately after the development of a product or service. Many of these business owners will know the export industry can be a challenging place to enter and manoeuvre through successfully but there are a number of specific grants available to support Australian SMEs looking to do just that.

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