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With ~£38 million pounds raised to date, Syndicate Room, founded in 2012, is an United Kingdom (UK) equity crowdfunding platform that adopts the investor-led model. It recently won the accolade of the Best Investment Platform at the Growth Investor Awards 2015. DealIndex spoke to Syndicate Room earlier this year to gain a better insight into their operational model.

Enabling the crowd to co-invest with professional investors is a game-changer for the angel investment market and a clear sign of how much the industry is maturing. As the driving force behind the initiative in the UK, SyndicateRoom is uniquely positioned to comment on both the benefits for the crowd and the response from angels and VC’s.

SyndicateRoom’s approach differs from the more traditional company-led equity crowdfunding model by putting the emphasis firmly on investors. Instead of the investment-seeking company deciding its own valuation and setting the terms of investment, under the investor-led model, a professional investor negotiates the deal and the crowd is then able to co-invest alongside them under the same economic terms.

SyndicateRoom works with over 30 angel networks throughout the UK, helping them to leverage their investments. Feedback from the angel and VC market about the platform has been excellent. Some VC’s have requested the addition of reporting tools that comply with their internal processes but as each has their own differing set of rules and requirements this can become too challenging.

Judging by the response from both the crowd and the angel and VC market thus far, it appears that the investor-led model of equity crowdfunding is set to go from strength to strength.

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