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Today we would like to introduce you to Healthcare’s Investment Marketplace: HealthiosXchange. Another one of our unique partners, Healthiosxchange is an equity crowdfunding platform focused solely on the healthcare vertical. Their overriding mission is to “To Unify the Promise of Medicine with the Fortunes of Those Who Invest in It.” 

With ambitions to revolutionise the process of healthcare investing, the HealthiosXchange strives to transform the global healthcare capital markets by:

    1. Providing the opportunity to invest directly in more than 5,000 emerging growth healthcare companies around the world;
    2. Deploying H/X Scoring, a proprietary deal selection tool comprising more than 2,000,000 mathematical algorithms to help investors make better decisions, to stay connected and to measure performance;
    3. Offering every opportunity on a Fee Free, Carry Free basis to all investors.

During the last 12 months, HealthiosXchange have successfully funded 40 companies, raising more than US$350 million. We were fortunate enough to interview them earlier this year to gain a better understanding about their platform and their observations in the crowdfunding and healthcare space.

Could you provide perspective on the healthcare investment market and the role HealthiosXchange is playing?

Healthcare is one of the more challenging market sectors to raise capital online (vis-à-vis real estate or early-stage technology) given the industry’s capital intensity, inability to provide “yield,” and multitudes of risks including clinical, regulatory and commercial. Leading healthcare providers including HealthiosXchange assist companies from Seed to “Exit” raise capital directly from investors on a “no carry” basis. To date, 3,000+ emerging growth company executives, investment professionals, strategic buyers, and accredited investors have joined HealthiosXchange. Over 600 companies actively participate including centralising their investor relations activities, connecting with HealthiosXchange members (friend, follow message, share), and raising capital via 506 (b) and 506 (c) – general solicitation.

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