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Grow VC Group announced in late September to sell the service. Due many private emails asking additional details, we want to cover few of the repeating topics in this post.

So far, some of the interested parties have included new entrants to startup crowdfunding markets, existing crowdfunding services, large multinational corporations with specific Startup strategies, all the way to representatives for national governments.

This is also the reason we chose the auction model, because it offers equal opportunities for any party buy the service. Grow VC Group works and cooperates with many companies in the crowdfunding and digital finance business, so we don’t want to prefer any specific party in the sale process. And it is also in line with digital finance principle, i.e. open, transparent and effective. service is a great opportunity for someone to launch a new business model or service, consolidate existing services at global scale or to attract and/or be closely associated with startups in scalable manner, combined with a history and user base from the first equity crowdfunding service in the world (see TechCrunch post about official launch in 2010). domain comes on top in organic search results and #1 in specific search in most search engines, with an average 50%-100% annual growth rate for past 3 years.

Startup Crowdfunding Google trends

Growth of search queries for Startup Crowdfunding in Google trends, in past five years.

The full list of assets include: 

  1. the domain
  2. the user database with close to twenty thousand users
  3. history as ‘the first equity crowdfunding service in the world’
  4. a copy of the full software platform
  5. the blog post and podcast databases with hundreds of quality posts about startup business and crowdfunding

Some have also asked only about some specific asset. While at this point we are considering as “full package”, naturally potential buyers can structure their bid offering as preferred from their perspective.

Startup Crowdfunding as a segment, is also in a middle of many fast growing and long term key trends:

  1. entrepreneurship
  2. crowdfunding
  3. startups
  4. fintech related search results in Google trends

Growth of search queries for Entrepreneurship, Crowdfunding, Startups and Fintech search queries in Google trends, in past five years.

All these terms have grown dramatically the last 5 years from almost nowhere to some top search terms. Interestingly both startups and crowdfunding as separate terms are very close and fintech, regardless of fintech gaining a lot of momentum, is at 1/4 of where the other two are.

Nowadays crowdfunding is billions of dollars market, expected to be in several trillions in next few decades, so the market as a whole is only at the very beginning, when e.g. many countries are just opening the market for it.

So why are we selling it? Because our strategy and focus since 2012 have been on broader digital finance solutions and especially on enabling components, aggregation services and new finance instruments. And we don’t want to compete with our customers and partners that work directly by providing funding, investing or helping others to invest in startups e.g. by using our back office or other finance instruments in their service.

Grow VC Group has also resources to help the buyer to start the business, make the transition and scale and develop it further. We can give a lot of data and insight to select a good business model, including one first to market business model that was specifically designed for, but have not been launched. Our companies can also help with the technical implementation, regulation and partnerships. Our intention is to help the buyer to be successful with the service from short term to long term.

The auction is open until October 31. 

Interested parties can email their questions and bids to, we have happy to give more information. for sale

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