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On the subject of the emergence of new forms of crowdfunding models, today’s Partner Insights features iAngels, the only co-investment platform in Israel that enables private investors to gain access to exclusive early-stage opportunities by collaborating with Startup Nation’s leading angels. In fact, they just recently made their first exit with mobile gaming giant Playtika. This is the first iAngels investment to return capital to its shareholders, less than a year after initial investment. To read more about this deal, please refer to iAngels blog by clicking here.

As you may probably be aware, Tel Aviv is the most dynamic tech startup hub and is “where the money is”, with exits and IPOs topping $15 billion in 2014. Israel offers the more early stage investment opportunities than anywhere else in the world. So here we have the world’s most capital efficient start-up ecosystem for early-stage investors. However, the Israeli angel investing community has traditionally been a closed network of investors who enjoyed significant investor returns from some of the most exclusive deals to come out of the Startup Nation.

Enter iAngels. The iAngels mission is to open up this unique Israeli ecosystem. They offer accredited investors from around the globe the opportunity to co-invest with prominent angel investors in Israeli startup companies, enjoying massive deal flow, exclusive opportunities, favorable deal terms and hand-in-hand support by iAngels professionals.

Because iAngels attract Israel’s top-performing angels, they are often the first to know about hot opportunities and discoveries – before any other angel investment group outside of Israel. Because they understand the expectations of lead investors and savvy angels, entrepreneurs seek them out and ask them for their advice. Due to their experience, reach and reputation, iAngels can bring deals to investors that few outside of Israel get to see (i.e. until the deal’s been made and you’re reading about it in Forbes).

Read the whole article on DealIndex Blog. For anyone interested in investing in Israeli companies, be sure to check out iAngels.

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