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On 23 March Victoria Lennox, Cofounder and CEO of Startup Canada, a non-profit entrepreneurial movement in Canada, gave a webinar called Why Canada?, in which she explained some reasons why entrepreneurs should think of starting a business there. Her speech was one of the promotional activities organised by Go South! Consulting Inc., a Vancouver-based company creating business opportunities in different markets of Latin America, to promote LatAm Startup Conference, which will be held on 9-10 July in Toronto. 

Lennox claims that there are 3 main reasons why Canada is an excellent place for startup business. First of all, the country has a well-developed ecosystem of support for entrepreneurs. Secondly, Canada has been ranked by the UNDP and the World Economic Forum as one of the easiest countries to start a business. Thirdly, the Canadian government invests a lot in startup projects. Finally, Lennox completes her list by focusing on the quality of life in Canada. She makes a point that thanks to a good demographic and geographic spread, the country has a lot of space to develop various entrepreneurial projects.

Read more about there 3 reasons and some more reasons to choose Canada on Startup Commons Blog.

Canada regions (source: Wikipedia)

Canada regions (source: Wikipedia)

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