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A major advantage of being an entrepreneur is since there’s rarely a set path, the entrepreneur has the much-cherished freedom to pursue goals in his or her own way. The media’s coverage of entrepreneurship success has often been attributed to the entrepreneur’s business acumen and people-management skills, and rarely are creativity in the entrepreneur’s pursuits explored. Few have tried to draw a link between creativity, freedom and entrepreneurs.

Now with the global unemployment numbers set to exceed 200 million people, according to a UN report, the calls for more creative startups and creativity in existing businesses have grown louder. Well, there have been many creative business leaders of our times- those like Virgin’s Richard Branson, Evan Williams of Twitter, the former chairman of Toyota, Shoichiro Toyoda, and not to forget Steve Jobs, were all highly creative and it showed in their works.

The reason why creativity has got disproportionate focus in it’s reporting is probably because its role can rarely be quantified and if it is, it doesn’t always generate profits. Not just in their innovative products and solutions, an entrepreneur’s way of doing things can also be creative and have a lasting impact. Here’s a look at recent efforts to change the way entrepreneurs move around, find customers and endure their working relationships:

Startup Stay’s transforming the way entrepreneurs travel

You may still have to pay $100 to chat with Mark Zuckerberg, and put aside plans asking him to host you, but there are 100s of other entrepreneurs world-over willing to have coffee with or even better, host you at their place. Startup Stay helps entrepreneurs, especially startup entrepreneurs, to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs when they travel. Imagine a Swedish entrepreneur being hosted by a Singaporean entrepreneur, exchanging business insights of their respective countries. Or an American entrepreneur seeking to gain local knowledge and save on accommodation costs by being hosted in North Korea. True, not every business meeting ends on a happy note but there’s indeed a window of opportunity to be explored.
While Startup Stay is still in its infancy, going by the recent traction these sure are exciting times for entrepreneurs who travel.

Rock-Paper-Scissors with Facebook, Amazon, IBM executives

Breaking the ice with people is always a challenge, especially when the other person’s a busy senior executive of a globally renowned company. Well, Jerome Jarre of a startup called Atendy did just that at a GigaOM Amsterdam event – where he broke the ice with VPs and executives from Facebook, Amazon and IBM by playing Rock-Paper-Scissors with them. The deal was if he lost they could write anything on his shirt but if he won they needed to introduce him to the head of events at their respective organizations, prospective customers for him. He did win, and big time. Now that there’s a déjà vu in Rock-Paper-Scissors, it’s time to try something else.

When entrepreneurs cooked, played & took photos together

A week long event, 14-20 January, JellyWeek brought together 254 host entrepreneurs from 44 countries to work on activities of their choice. Many of these participants were seen actively co-working via Google+ Hangouts, discussing various topics and celebrating work. It included entrepreneurs cooking together and sharing recipes, writing a book, picking up languages, playing chess, learning photography, web design and even how to make ice-lanterns, besides doing serious stuff with hacker spaces and the chambers of commerce.

What stands out in all the above are they explore fun to bring purposeful entrepreneurs together and are free to participate in. What’s outstanding though is these entrepreneurs have gone beyond their call of duty and outside their comfort zones to act on their creative ideas – a big difference there.

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