by: Markus Lampinen
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Just in the last month, we’ve spoken at various conferences, local events and with local partners around the world (New York, San Francisco, Rome, Moscow..) on new funding models, including crowdfunding, and we see a real focus on the entrepreneurial ecosystem wherever we go.


Speaking in Moscow with Richard Branson, it seems there is an almost accepted paradigm shift in increased efficiency and transparency for various industries (now focused on finance in Moscow). This transparency and direct participation has been at the heart of initiatives of from the driving forces in local ecosystems, including the entrepreneur community as well as larger funds. Through the Grow VC Group, we’ve been privileged to work with bold and daring initiatives, that look to catalyze the grassroots ecosystem and parties that belong to it, as well as create a framework to boost more innovation and growth.

We see that new funding models cannot exist in a vacuum, but they must work together with the existing and functioning ecosystem both online and offline. This means that crowdfunding and new technology, must be fitted into communicating with not just existing processes, but the ecosystem as a broader set of stakeholders. Without a sufficient and effective framework for participation, these new innovations, however grand, will be squandered and not utilized to their fullest extent. A real paradigm shift calls for bolder measures.

What does this mean in practice? Through our work under Grow Advisors, some tangible use cases we’ve seen;

  • Operators in the local setting leverage the Crowd Valley infrastructure to bring their entrepreneurial community and stakeholders online
  • Creating a process of direct participation, not only mailing lists or annual gatherings, but complementing existing processes with an online community where the community itself can work for its own growth
  • Fostering a marketplace in the local community, which can be operated by a fund, broker dealer or similar professional stakeholder.
  • The marketplace can be connected to the existing ecosystem, this “entrepreneurial community”, where the appropriate individuals and companies can participate at the most relevant  time in their life cycle

With a robust presence online, the community can follow, communicate and enforce itself by keeping up with what’s going on and supporting those initiatives they are most passionate about. These local ecosystems take the ties that exist already in the offline realm, and complement those with new tools to handle larger scale growth. At a time when economic growth is most needed, we see a proliferation and opportunity in fostering the growth of local ecosystems and first connecting these local stakeholders to one another and later benchmarking cross these different local ecosystems, to develop and enforce best practices and collaboration.

The paradigm shift is here and the earlier it’s adopted into how we support innovation, the sooner we can start benefiting from it.

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