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Press Release: Anguilla, Monday, October 22, 2012

Anguilla-Counts, Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with Grow VC Group, which represents crowd funding, new investment models, global business development programs and service providers for startups and investors. The Group is a global pioneer and leader in the startup investment and business development market. Through this partnership Anguilla-Counts will use infrastructure from Crowd Valley (part of the Grow VC Group) to build an online community of startups, experts and investors.

Anguilla has led the world in a number of exciting advances particularly in technologies, legislation and cyberspace. Anguilla was the first country to conduct a national census using hand-held computers; the first country to have digital signature legislation; the first country to have a fully online 24/7 companies registry – “ACORN”, and many more.

Lynwood Bell, Managing Director of Anguilla-Counts (together with associated companies Global Commerce, Inc., Span-Hansa Group Limited, Hansa Finance and Trust BV, and Hansa Company Limited) says: “Anguilla’s size (32 square miles), British stability, zero tax, incubator-scale costs and efficiencies… makes our country an ideal residence for startups. Having recently renewed treaties and agreements with many major jurisdictions we have strengthened their endorsements for our active, legitimate, international businesses which have economic purpose and transparency. Indeed, a number of the governments of these treaty partners provide generous tax incentives to their nationals to invest in Anguilla as a way of encouraging their own globalization. Our “Certificate of Intellectual Property Residence” (“CIPR”) for the six technology revolutions of info, bio, nano, robo, socio-cogno and energy is unique and is already drawing startups and subsidiaries from around the world. Working with Grow VC to fund these startups through innovative and balanced “crowdsourcing” legislation will insure that Anguilla “counts” as an international centre of excellence.”

Paul Higgins, COO of Crowd Valley, says: “The Grow VC Group has already been involved with over 4000 startups through our teams in all major markets on six continents. Crowd Valley offers the technology infrastructure and the tools to empower and enable business ideas to be launched, managed, supported and funded with more structure, whilst at the same time enabling the race to success to start much earlier. Anguilla is an excellent example of how a national community can be a seamless part of our business network and in turn, Anguilla can make its unique attributes available to all of our other network partners. We wish to establish a presence in all the most entrepreneurial countries on the planet and Anguilla is one of them.”

About Anguilla-Counts, Inc.
Anguilla-Counts, Inc. (a not-for-profit organization) was formed in 2010, dedicated to making Anguilla an international centre of “intellectual arbitrage”. Among other initiatives, it supports innovation, internationalization of domestic industries, job growth, youth education in entrepreneurship through .ai Anguilla Incubator Inc. and active involvement with organizations, institutions and professional groups such as the International Fiscal Association.

About Grow VC Group
The Grow VC Group comprises of proven global professionals, with real entrepreneurs and personal investment track records spanning decades and continents. The Group is recognized as a leading innovator of crowd-based investment models and open marketplaces, for asset classes starting from early stage ventures to various verticals.

About Crowd Valley
Crowd Valley is the One Stop Shop where broker-dealers, local exchanges, startup ecosystem partners, and sector specialists can start their own crowdfunding portal in minutes. It includes the operating infrastructure framework as a SaaS platform, back office packages compliant with US regulation, support services, and the functionality to create and service interconnected networks, enabling users to maintain and operate via single profiles on multiple platforms.

Contact – Anguilla-Counts: Lynwood S. Bell –,
The Technology Campus – TV1 02P, AI-2640, Anguilla, British West Indies

Contact – Crowd Valley: Paul Higgins –,
845 Third Avenue, New York City, 10022, New York

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