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This week on the Everyone Funding Startups podcast we spoke to Joe Abraham, author of Entrepreneurial DNAThe Breakthrough Discovery That Aligns Your Business to Your Unique Strengths.

Joe has started up, grown and exited three companies of his own and invested in over 20 growing startups. He has been featured on FoxNews, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC and numerous nationally syndicated radio shows on topics related to entrepreneurship and small business growth – and serves as advisor to  entrepreneurship programs domestically and around the world. He is also a keynote speaker on topics related to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial behavior and free enterprise.

We asked Joe what made him start thinking about entrepreneurial DNA and how entrepreneurs can use the B.O.S.I. framework to be more effective in growing their startups.

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  • 00:40 What made you start thinking about ‘Entrepreneurial DNA’?
  • 02:15 What was involved in your research?
  • 03:14 What audience do you primarily have in mind for this book?
  • 03:50 What kind of problems are you trying to solve for business owners?
  • 05:45 How would you compare the entrepreneurial DNA of some of the most famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Donald Trump?
  • 08:25 What is the B.O.S.I. framework?
  • 11:05 How should entrepreneurs use the B.O.S.I. framework?
  • 13:45 How does B.O.S.I. compare with other tools such as Myers-Briggs or DISC?
  • 15:30 Are all entrepreneurs different in some way to those who prefer to work in a corporate environment?
  • 18:30 How could B.O.S.I. be used in crowdfunding?
  • 20:55 Could B.O.S.I. also have a role to play when finding co-founders?
  • 21:30 What made you choose ‘DNA’ as the analogy for your ideas?
  • 22:50 What does the future look like as B.O.S.I. becomes a standard tool across entrepreneurship?
  • 24:30 What is the entrepreneurship scene like where you’re based, in Chicago?
  • 25:50 How can listeners buy the book and get in touch with you?
  • 28:26 End

You can find out more about Entrepreneurial DNA and the B.O.S.I. framework, and take the free online B.O.S.I assessment, by going to You can also reach Joe on Twitter at @bosifounder or by email at

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of Everyone Funding Startups. Check out our new podcast page at And you can now interact with the show on twitter @growVCpodcast. Let us know what you want to hear…we’re listening.

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