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The JOBS Act is intended to help increase job creation and economic growth in the US by helping startups get more access to capital markets. But as it currently exists, the Act is limiting and at times contradictory. At GrowVC, we feel it’s imperative to nurture the new crowdfunding for equity market in both the US and around the world. We have been working with the SEC since the inception of the Act to help policy makers understand where revisions in the document need to be made. You’ll find our official response to the SEC regulations imposed upon the JOBS Act  in the link below

>>Comments on SEC Regulatory Initiatives Under the JOBS Act: Title 3- Crowdfunding

In the long run, complying with a regulatory organization will strengthen this new industry as a whole. Creating a self-regulated organization is another initiative which is already in development by several of the leading platforms in order to create a firm foundation for equity-based models in the US. Doing such will also strengthen the confidence of all those taking a look into crowdfunding, both now and in years to come.

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