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Everyone knows that prioritizing is the key to efficient use of time. More often though, the instant gratification is miles away when leaving yet another message unanswered. But the truth remains, time is always the scarcest resource and time used on something is always out of something else. Choices can be painful however.

Three tips for more efficient time management

1) Be factual about the value of time used.

Doing the right things is a pickle of it’s own, but it’s not that hard to identify what are not the top priorities. Sometimes you get locked into a self guided mode of going through the motions, but focusing is avoiding the ‘business as usual’ switch. If you only take X amount of calls, e-mails and activities a day, you have to make sure which ones you take.

There are also various different activities that require different types of focus. Multitasking is the nature of any entrepreneur, but when you’re working on your product or on something more creative, you’ll have to lock the doors. Getting focused and uninterrupted time is impossible, unless you craft it yourself with a deadbolt.

2) Say no to things that aren’t a priority ‘right now’

I’ve just got yet another entrepreneurs message asking for pointers. And I want to answer him, actually I even start to type my answer to him, but somewhere down the line on the second paragraph I delete my entire e-mail and sigh. This isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing, regardless of how much I want to help. Helping this entrepreneur, isn’t helping THIS entrepreneur.

At the end of the day you have to be brutal about the time you have. You can choose to be polite to everyone and not do the things you want yourself, or you can prioritize and not insult yourself by not prioritizing your own endeavors over others. By getting to where you want to be, hopefully you’ll be able to help more people than by going the individual route. It’s all about choices. Choose to do the important things. The things you choose not to do, are not important enough by default.

3) Keep doors open, but don’t hold the door

Networking is an integral part of the networked society. This means you should connect with all those that you can share an interesting synergy with. Sure, you don’t know ahead of time so you’ll have to explore a variety of avenues and open a ton of doors. Good.

Now you’ve opened the door, don’t stay in the corridor waiting for someone to come say hi. Things move at different paces and different partners and people require different pushes. Again, think of what could generate the most valuable outcome in the short term and how realistic it would be to accomplish.

Some say you can’t manage time, would you agree? What efficient methods of time management do you have? Share those with the entrepreneurs out there that are watching their time slip through their hands.

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