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President Barack Obama discusses his jobs plan...

President Barack Obama discusses his jobs plan.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The JOBS act was signed into law by President Obama on Thursday 5 April, supported by overwhelming bypartisan support.

Grow VC has been active in pioneering the new market and since last year supporting the bills passage through Congress. A lot of work has been done much earlier with our global operations in building awareness and best practices in this emerging field. The movement of democratizing startup funding has been escalating in momentum since the past few years, but the impact is still only a fraction of it’s full potential for the economy. The support from US Congress is positive in seeing the fundamental changes that are impacting startups and investing in startups, but also the impact on the economy such a movement will have. We’ve also discussed this topic with the father of the bill, Congressman McHenry on our podcast.

President Obama stated:

Overall, new businesses account for almost every new job created in America. For startups and small businesses, this bill is a game changer. Because of this bill, startups and small businesses will have access to a bigger pool of investors.

What comes to the future beyond the signing of the JOBS act, however important, it is only a mere start of the future of startup funding. Grow VC continues its work to hone a sustainable and efficient framework for crowdfunding, but also tools and models to leverage crowdfunding for other types of investors and organizations. Therefore Grow VC works with hundreds of partners in it’s Networks Program, in order to include more information, support and infrastructure to early stage entrepreneurship. With the right framework and infrastructure, the JOBS act can truly kickstart the economy for new competitive advantages.

We at Grow VC applaud policy makers for their strong support and leadership to support the US economy and job growth. This is surely the start of many new success cases, both from the sides of entrepreneurs, as well as their investors.

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