by: Quintin Adamis
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I believe that both business owners and entrepreneurs alike will ask the question, “how can I tap into market-A?” while the entrepreneur continues to ask the question for market B and sometimes to C,D & E or beyond depending on their ambition. It’s a matter of seeing the possibilities or rather accepting that something, that others view as difficult or impossible, actually may be achievable. I’ve found that many people outsource the work by paying consultants and legal fees for things they could have done themselves. When I’ve advised them to do so the typical response has been, “Well, I don’t know how” or even worse “That will take too long”. In this day and age, not having information or knowing where to find it is no excuse. There’s honestly a wealth of information at our fingertips. Understandably there will be time involved, but  if you pass the work onto someone else then you will always have to. You’ll always have extra expenses, but what’s worse is that you won’t learn about these processes. There should be a drive for trying. I like to think that the more informed you are, the more you can understand how to attempt the next moves to make. For instance:

  • If you don’t know about taxes, you can learn from
  • If there are terms you’re unclear about, you can check Wikipedia or even YouTube. Some find visual explanations are better understood than simply reading.

In general, this can apply to just about any topic. These days, former library searches are replaced with a flow from

Google—> Relevant site —-> Wikipedia for terms—>Youtube for audio-visual examples

This increases your knowledge base in order to help you to better understand how you can expand your business scope itself. There have been times when people have told me Wikipedia is not a credible source and that anyone can write articles there. The truth is that not just anyone will take the time to write an article, just as most people will not take the time to learn for themselves. Wikipedia also includes citations and relevant links of sources to add to its credibility, which allow you to verify the information found in its articles.

To attempt big things, you have to think BIG. Which means 2 old cliche statements:

  • “knowledge is power”
  • “think outside the box”

The statements are overused but true in many instances because, if you learn more then its easier to think outside of what you already know plus how to get to that place/market you don’t know about. Simply put, you can reach that place you want to go with an informed effort. Although there is so much information available, many still are not using the resources properly. For instance, many have heard the words “disclosure agreement” and “vested interest” but usually it goes no further than listening to a term.

Did you already know this information? Do you really need to? Maybe not, but my point is that the knowledge is not far beyond your reach. It’s not a long confusing trip to the library where you search through rows upon rows of books. All the information you need is right at your fingertips.



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