by: Markus Lampinen
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December 7 – London, New York, Hong Kong – Grow Venture Community has added new features to its virtual Silicon Valley marketplace platform. With the new Social Investor Relationship Management feature startups can easily manage their investment profile and share it with existing and future investors.

Grow VC Everyone Funding StartupsStartups can easily share their Grow VC profiles in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Startups now also have the tools to add a link and logo of their Grow VC profile to different places, like their own website. They can use the Grow VC service to manage the process.

Grow VC offers tools that make it easy for startups to manage the funding process, regardless of what kind of investors they have and what kind of funding they look for.

“While it is crucial for each startup to have a model of communicating with existing shareholders, it is equally important to collect and maintain information for potential investors and other stakeholders”, states Grow VC Chairman and Co-founder Jouko Ahvenainen. “Investor communication is a long term process before, during and after an investment. As Social CRM becomes crucial for companies, we see Social Investor Relationship Management as the next important step for each company. The investment market is becoming social, like many other market.” Ahvenainen continues.

Startups in the Grow VC platform can build a full profile about the company, including the following features:

  • Details about the company and its founders
  • Business plan and key targets
  • Accomplishments
  • Video presentations and material like presentations and documents
  • Discussion tools to get feedback and comments

Crowdfunding and private investors in the Grow VC platform represents one source to get funding; yet at the same time the profile in the Grow VC service helps to communicate with all kinds of partners, stakeholders and investors. It is a good place to present the startups background and track record to VC’s, when startups approach them. There are other places where you can maintain a company profile online, Grow VC is specifically aimed for profile information you wish to communicate for the company’s most important stakeholders, all the while offering stakeholders and potential investors tools to act in a social manner, for example share and collaborate with their peers.

In October Grow VC launched the Network Model that enables angel networks, incubators, investors and many other organizations to easily complement their current activity with an efficient online service. They can easily start their own branded investor and startup community on the Grow VC platform. Organizations interested in starting their own startup community, investor or crowdfunding network can start online immediately.

“It made a lot of sense for us to create our own Grow VC profile. On top of articulating who we are, what we do, and how our business develops, it’s been a key component in our stakeholder communications,” comments Michael Atencio, former law enforcement officer and founder of TraffiCop. “We’re also happy to see that Grow VC constantly develops new tools to measure and track progress we make.”

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