by: Markus Lampinen
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We’ve been watching New York develop as an entrepreneurial community in the past five years and been intrigued by the pace of development in the area. After opening our NY offices, we are optimistic on the future of this great city for entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial community.

One thing you can say about New York entrepreneurs is that they definitely have guts. They have guts to take risks, to innovate and compete in challenging markets, but they also have the required street smarts to build an ecosystem that will stand out in the longer term. The startups we have watched and met have proven this to us time and time again – they are not stopping until NY is on the startup map. Big time.

Just like chefs use local produce, the startup ecosystem has to have a local flare to it. New York is a powerhouse in many sectors like finance and media, wherein there lies interesting dynamics to be uncovered for the future. When we talk about democratizing startup investing, it also relates to building an open ecosystem that caters to startups in their many stages of development. Like pieces of a larger puzzle, the ecosystem needs to be complete in its support for startups, because while entrepreneurs are driven individuals, it’s the larger community that needs to be leveraged to develop the large, global innovations of tomorrow.

Coming back to the notion of guts found in New York entrepreneurs, we believe this is a key in developing the local flare in the landscape. For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs in essence. The potential is there and entrepreneurs don’t wait for permission, but rather will pave their own way to create the future they wish to see (and have). And it’s clear that future incorporates New York as a powerhouse for innovation, but also new synergies in a broader ecosystem, in a way we have yet to see.

Startups are about drive and commitment. We have seen that in the eyes of the entrepreneurs in New York. Having a strong presence in the region and growing our troops on the ground, we are privileged to watch the entrepreneurs build their own chapter, one success at a time.

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