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UX power

Are you passionate about creating user-friendly, efficient, and memorable web applications? Do you want to work in a customer driven environment? Enjoying creating experiences for thousands of users across many countries? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and genuinely want to be part of building the legacy of how startup companies are build and funded in the future? If so, we have the job for you! Grow VC is looking for talented and driven UX designers to join our growing global team.

The candidate must have excellent skills at articulating a problem, clearly documenting the solution in visual and written form, and at explaining the reasoning behind the design decisions in the solution.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

+ Use qualitative and quantitative research techniques to review website performance
+ Design highly interactive user experiences in web and mobile applications
+ Develop scenarios, flow diagrams, conceptual diagrams, user journeys and wireframes
+ Conduct usability tests and expert reviews
+ Devise website architectures and capture them through site maps and process flows
+ Producing and maintaining user-interface and online experience specifications that drive revenue and delight consumers
+ Other duties as assigne

Required Knowledge and Experience

+ 3 plus years experience as a user experience designer, interaction designer, UI designer, or similar role
+ Fluency in best practices for web-based or mobile-based information architecture and design
+ Strong knowledge of usability principles and techniques
+ Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills
+ Experience working in a collaborative team
+ Proficient using design tools such as those in the Adobe Creative Suite

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Why do we say entrepreneurial?

Working with us is much like being a core part of an open source project, but you actually earn ownership in Grow VC from what you are building together with the rest of our team. In fact all our global team are working with this model, where all of us are committed to building this venture and creating something monumental.

Along the way, you will learn a lot about how startups are built and funded, what it takes to build a global venture and make meaningful connections. Being part of our team, we are naturally glad to help each other out now and in the future.

It’s possible to work remotely and part time, as long as the average hours per week are productive and purposeful for both us and you (over 15 hours per week).

If you have what it takes and are interested to build the future of startup funding, make your bid and / or send a message and we will send you more details. Grow VC also works with partner organizations in our development, for example software companies. For company partners of various sizes, that see the potential in what we are building, this model provides a way in to diversify the portfolio and operations, and naturally being part of building a global venture. For us, our partners are a core part of our team and have a real interest and stake in building the global network and community that is Grow VC.

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We are always looking for talented, entrepreneurial and driven doers to join our growing global group of companies in various positions and locations around the world. If you think you have what it takes, apply now!

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