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Start of November, we will reserve time for our extended community in select cities in the US. We plan to stay on the East and West Coast and focus on hubs where we’ve got many stakeholders from our community. Naturally we are always happy to meet up outside these dates wherever you may be, but now we’re clearing our schedule for the benefit our extended network.

If you are interested in meeting up, there are opportunities for sit-downs and speaking engagements in the following regions:

  • New York from 1 – 4 November
  • South California and Los Angeles 4 – 6 November
  • San Francisco Bay Area 6 – 12 November

During these times and places, we will reserve our time for exploring new opportunities and exploring mutual value between us and like-minded individuals and organizations. You can get in touch with us for opportunities at and we can set something up!

The US is a high priority for us as the market evolves. Recent months have been revolutionary for this field and there is a lot going on with the regulation in the US as well. Kris from our team shared his insights on the matter on our blog and elaborated on the topical discussion. We are excited for the development of this entrepreneurial nation and realize our mission to support it to the fullest. We are actively involved with various organizations and actors in the field, whom we support in bringing this market to life and re-invigorating the economy.

As the Networks program is publicly launched before the start of November, we want to reach out to our partners and stakeholders in select cities in the US. The Networks program is at the top of our agenda, as third parties may utilize the networks functionality for a variety of different applications. It can be seen as the cornerstone of deeper cooperation as well, by incorporating the platform to partners operations, it creates many opportunities between us and our partners.

With the progress this fall, we will also be opening a new funding round for Grow VC itself. If you have been following and want to join our journey, then send us a message and we can schedule a sit down. You can also sign up here to be kept in the loop.

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