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“I started a company in a country I’ve never been to, in an industry I’ve never worked in, making technology that’s never been built before in the biggest financial crisis for 100 years.”

– Nick Christy

Nick Christy and CINTEP wins €500 000 in the Green Challenge 2011 with Recycling Shower

We talked with Nick Christy, the founder and CEO of Cintep. Cintep has gone all the way from setting up with many challenges, to joining Grow VC and successfully raising nearly $100 000 via crowdfunding, to winning nearly $700 000 in the Green Challenge this year. Nick joins us in our podcast to talk about how he got here and what the path has been like so far.

Listen to the episode for Nick’s story, for how he utilized crowdfunding and raised a seed round, how he manages his relationship with the crowd investors and what that relationship is like. You’ll also hear about the hustle behind the entrepreneur, and the smarts of making it all a reality.

Listen to the episode on iTunes or directly here (“save as” for mp3 version)

Here is the link to the Green Challenge 2011 award ceremony, where Nick and his team are awarded the grand prize.

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