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This is a guest post originally posted in Talks, in the Grow VC platform, by Jerry Reynolds the founder and CEO of Rentul. Follow the previous links to Jerry’s initiatives in the community.

Are you the kind of person who thinks the best strategy to woo a girl is to tell her how awesome and smart you are? If so, quit now while you’re ahead. You should approach VC and Angel Investors with the same tact as the most sensitive girl you could imagine. Let’s imagine for a moment there are two equally beautiful girls in a bar:

The first girl has guy after guy starring at her breasts, telling her how amazing he is, offering to buy her drinks, alluding to how “good of a time he could show her”; only for the girl to the right thing… take the free drink and walk away. This is a day in the life of a VC and Angel Investor, 100’s of companies a week selling why they’re the next big thing and they deserve a million dollar investment. Entrepreneurs that spend all that time writing a 30 page business proposal and leading with it… only to never hear from the investor.

The second girl standing with her friend from above, catches the attention of a guy across the room. He makes his way over, grabs her hand and says with a smile “let’s dance”; chemistry builds and the dancing continues after the bar shuts down. This is a day in the life of a dreaming VC and Angel Investor, a company that grabs their attention and sells itself on its merits through a relevant demo or prototype. Entrepreneurs leaving investors wanting more, more information, more access, more knowledge about the mad people behind this captivating project.

You see, you’re not awesome until your prototype is awesome. So here is some food for thought; like sensitive girls, you only get one chance to make a good first impression to VC and Angel Investors. Don’t ruin that chance by being a self absorbed a hole. Don’t ask for things based on a plan. Build something, make your project real, tangible and able to stand on its own merit. Chances are, if a company does, the people behind it will have plenty of opportunities to talk about themselves to a very interested set of ears. And who knows, you might even get the biggest prize of all, an investor kiss in the form of a fat investment.


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