by: Markus Lampinen
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It has been a journey to get to this point, full of a lot of fun times and plenty challenges. However, it is now with a dedicated and driven entrepreneurial team and community, that we celebrate our first 10 000 members!

When we launched the new version of the site, free and with new functionality in mid July, that was a huge hit. We’ve seen our metrics soar and received a lot of positive feedback. We’re also launching our ‘Networks‘ program with dozens of pilot partners and couldn’t be more excited about the fall. We’ve got some great things lined up for our community as we continue this quest to democratize startup funding!


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We have also set our eyes on the next target of 100,000 members. And we will reach that faster than the first 10,000 as we have the support of a strong community already in place. We hope you join us in celebrating that milestone in the future!

Our next big leap with the web site is the “Networks Model“, which means that in principle anyone can set up a startup network within our service, that brings value to their operations. We have over 30 interested pilot networks that we will bring this feature to market with and we believe it’s a game changer!

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At the same time we are developing strategic cooperation models, for example working with funds and other types of investors in the financial market. We already have discussions in several countries, with pilot models in place, where local investors and funds would like to work with Grow VC. Especially with the turmoil in the traditional finance sector, it’s time to re-shape the market!

Now is the time to get involved if you see the future the same way we do. You can get involved by running your own network, partnering with Grow VC or joining our team for a variety of activities. There’s no better way to predict the future, than to create it.

On behalf of the entire Grow VC team; Thank you for your support so far! Here’s looking at the future!

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