by: Markus Lampinen

Recently we wrote about Silicon Valley and seasoned entrepreneurs finding investment opportunities outside of the US. A topical case example emerged as Dave McClure’s 500 Startups and other experienced investors just invested in the company Affinity China, clearly seeing the potential of the Chinese market and the development for the longer term.

The Chinese market is indeed highly appealing from many points of view, from the growth of the market and the middle class, therefore the demand for the luxury market. But this is further living proof of long term investments, outside of what many would call the comfort zone. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and the most interesting investment opportunities are no longer down the road.

Affinity China is developing an exclusive luxury network for the Chinese market, providing luxury and lifestyle experiences for their members. You can find the full brief and announcement from Affinity China here.

According to Affinity China, the luxury market in China grew to over $26 Billion, which makes it a highly lucrative for their business model. Affinity China also released today a video describing this emerging market. You can view this video below. The world is indeed changing – are you ready?

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