by: Markus Lampinen
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Financial Crisis, is this what we want for our future? Startups - diversify economy

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We’ve all felt it and anyone that’s turned on the news has seen it; the global economies are in panic and all for good reasons. Debt levels are increasing burdens and un-employment can have long term ramifications. But in this ramble, let’s try not to spread that panic or speculate further, but rather ask ourselves, is this really what we want from our future? And if this isn’t the way, what is?

The global economic crisis is evidence that the models that once served a purpose, are no longer those that will cater for the growth of tomorrow. The same is true for not just the companies and entrepreneurs, but also investors and average households, if there is no money to be made for others than speculators on the stock market, where should you place your savings? Some may argue traditional asset and holdings, for example real estate – but let’s be honest, the liquidity just isn’t there.

For the sake of our journey with building a globally viable asset class out of startup companies, what’s going on in the stock markets and the global economy is further validation for why we’re pursuing our vision.

Startup companies are becoming increasingly important for the global economy and not just startup companies, but an effective ecosystem that understands and caters to startup companies and more innovation. It’s all part of an educational process, wherein we understand the foundations of startups better and can provide for them, so that in the future they can provide for us. As the financial crisis has aptly demonstrated, we are all interlinked in the modern era. But this need not be a burden, rather a privilege. By creating this ecosystem that spans throughout the globe, we are not just creating more startups, but we’re creating more entrepreneurial mindsets around the world.

No longer can we afford to be short sighted, chasing profits and pursuing short term gains. The economy needs more growth and the tools we have in place are just not catering for our future. Startups on the other hand are increasingly being recognized as a source of innovation, employment and further economic growth. Isn’t it time we started creating new models that understand the future?

Ask yourself, does what you see on the news represent the future you wish to live?

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