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Any startup worth doing must have a market and a vision that’s large enough to get lost in. If you don’t have that larger vision that excites people, you’re not going to be able to convince your audience, your stakeholders, your own organization – or even yourself. It’s like the saying, ‘go big or go home’.

To make this discussion just a little more pragmatic, we at Grow VC have been articulating our vision in many ways since we started our operations a few years back. Especially as the market develops and you learn what your future has in store for you, it’s only natural that as you make progress, the vision becomes more and more tangible, albeit far off. The vision however has to be something individuals can receive well and something that intuitively makes sense to them. It’s not a slogan, but the comparison wouldn’t be entirely out of place.

What we at Grow VC set out to do is democratize startup funding, i.e. our vision. Our vision spans far beyond the current stages of the market, to when the Facebook generation grows up and what we now call ‘new funding solutions’ take prominence and the ‘old ways of doing things’ take a step back. Why would the coming generations accept the less effective and mystified ways of operating, especially as there are alternatives?

In many places of the world, the current way of operating is that you have a select few (the gatekeepers) that make the choices of which startups get funded. Once these startup companies grow and some go public, only then can the “regular people” get involved as shareholders and share the journey. But isn’t the most exciting part of the journey already over?

We at Grow VC believe in turning this paradigm upside down. We believe that the larger crowd should serve as the ‘lead investors’, as they are better poised to act on these highly uncertain investments, in the scope of larger volumes and much smaller investments. Isn’t it also the crowd of thousands and thousands that could best evaluate and identify these future success cases? The crowd that identifies the most lucrative startup companies, is also able to create a small impact for the startup companies to get off the ground and make themselves sustainable in their operations, at least to a certain extent. What better marketing team is there, than having a startup with thousands of individuals rooting for it even before it makes the small splash before the big splash?

We at Grow VC believe this is the way for the future and from our talks with all the players in this field from the past years, we realize the market is beginning to share our belief. After all, what we are building is a marketplace and who better to decide what creates value, than the market itself?

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