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High Tech Jobs Here?

The world is changing day by day, with the Internet and inter-connectedness sweeping over the world to form a connected society. This flows through everyday life, but also the behavior of individuals and larger societies. I would like to use a pragmatic approach in this post, as theory often only creates value when applied to  practice and I would like to draw a brief picture of the future.

A larger fragment of the markets are passing from offline to online in today’s world, boosting competition and knowledge in a valuable symbiosis-like state. One could argue that this evolution will inevitably address all segments of all industries at some point. We are all part of a new phenomenon of people working and collaborating in different parts of the world on common projects, both in the non-profit and for-profit segments, for example with the creation of Wikipedia, Grow VC and so on. The value of such collaborations is evident.

At the time of writing this post, I’m in my country house, in a little Italian village near the border of France. And no longer do I have to move to work in the markets I am passionate about. Further, I don’t have to stay in hotspots like Silicon Valley to follow my projects and be part of the change in these markets. What I need is to be connected with the best partners of the world, both in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. And what’s remarkable in today’s world is, that not only can I achieve this connectedness, but it can truly become productive for larger organizations and masses.

Think of the industrial era and imagine it in reverse. During the industrial period, people had to move from rural areas to the cities, where the big corporations and jobs were located. Nowadays people have the possibility to live where they prefer and where they are the most productive. Who says this means it’s in the big cities, not for everyone at least. Will we assist to a decongestion of big cities?

It’s fascinating to see this in practice and to watch it evolve over time. It’s also natural that it is not going to change behavior overnight and it will manifest in different ways for different people, regions and industries. However, the possibilities with attracting and connecting talented individuals from all over the world with a single click of a mouse button.

Many people are still skeptical and that’s fine, change is hardly ever without resistance. However we can see that most of today’s most innovative companies have global teams and their offline interaction is only a fragment of the entire communication that they share. Who can argue the value with the numbers of modern, successful and truly global companies?

How will the future look look then? It’s naturally always ahead of us, yet it’s most likely that we will have our say in where we park our bodies for work and where we reside in the mental and digital space. There is no reason those two cannot be separate.

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