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It's Superman!

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Having grown the company to the prominent, leading global operations, we are looking to strengthen the already driven team.

Grow VC is looking for extremely talented people to change startup funding. We want to make the funding market effective, transparent and global. We want to open the opportunity to invest into startups and raise capital for startups, to all people. We are the disrupting force in a market that doesn’t work well.

In our global positioning, we are looking for new people for business development and to run regional operations.

The most important quality that you must possess is, that you want to make startup funding function better and you are ready to go through all challenges needed when creating something new. You must be ready to accept criticism and skepticisms from the establishment; it is even better if you sort of enjoy being opposed. Our people must be extremely self-driven. Now we especially look for people with the following backgrounds:

  1. You are a young graduate or in your early career in a corporation, but you really want to create something important and make a name for yourself. You want to learn more about startups and the funding market. You are ready to work to learn and create new things that matter.
  2. You are a finance professional, but you are not in love with the existing startup funding establishment. This means that you have the freedom to change it and are not afraid to create and drive disruptive change. You know the finance models, regulations and operations, and you would like to apply them to a more functional startup environment.

Sign up here, if you’re ready for the challenge of a lifetime.

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We are always looking for talented, entrepreneurial and driven doers to join our growing global group of companies in various positions and locations around the world. If you think you have what it takes, apply now!

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