by: Akshay Shah

There are millions of people that may have forgot to read the fine-print in marrying an entrepreneur. An Entrepreneur’s Spouse or the better half is indeed a daunting task!

  • “You’re not my first love honey” – Marriage is one thing, accidental priorities sometimes something quite different. It may happen that it’s the startup that turns on the steam engines and toots the horns! Life would be different if the entrepreneur wouldn’t care for his work, but truth is, married to the job doesn’t even begin to describe this relationship.
  • “You manage the guests till I come to the party” – Has this not happened at some point in time? If you are an entrepreneur’s spouse, a tardy attendance is not too uncommon, at parties, anniversaries, birthdays and maybe even their own wedding! There seems to be some chemically induced state of mind that has to do with passion, wherein you may forget a thing or.. well seven. That’s the adrenalin rush that takes over and may impair all other brain activity.An Entpreneurs Spouse is a tough task!
  • “We will got for a long break, very soon, I promise” – Yes, all entrepreneurs are honest, by all means! They make honest promises to their better half and family that, very soon they will lock their startup passion out for a few days and plan a refreshing long vacation. Right? Have you ever heard this promise? Have you heard yourself make this promise?
  • “In-laws place, can we please go next week?” – The in-laws place and being social, can sometimes be a tough call for some entrepreneurs. Why? Is it that they are so engrossed in their passion for work, business, creativity, innovation – that the larger-than-life questions which the in-laws might throw at them can make them go bananas! Better avoid this, after all isn’t risk-management important?
  • “Starting a family, who me? Errrr” – Sooner or later the pressure to start a family will ambush the entrepreneur! The entrepreneur who is so busy already raising a startup, why don’t others realize that the startup is just like a baby? At some point the pressure rises and a family extension seems warranted, yet many entrepreneurs can’t help but feeling “why me”? It’s not that they don’t want to, but rather that it’s always been “down the line”. And still, why doesn’t the startup count as a baby!
  • Inviting all entrepreneurs out there to add to the above list – let’s have a good laugh!

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