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How can you own a piece of history? By being part of the team that writes it. This is not just an idea, this is very much what we are offering.

Sure there are plenty of dos and don’ts, best practices and so on, what comes to building a startup team and finding the best people. Hoverer, like many other things in life, things keep changing all the times and so do the rules for the game. Us being disruptive to our own market, we very much also “eat our own dog food”, so instead of us saying this is what you should be doing, we like to just do it and share our experiences. Some time ago we announced that we used our own service investment model, where people work for Grow VC equity to add new resources to our team, but we never really reported back on that. – Well I’m happy to say that our experiences have been really good, we have got some really great people joining our team and I bet you have noticed that as well.Through the work investment model you earn a piece of the changement you work for.

It has worked so well that we already decided to use it again just recently to get new resources for our development as well. We already have about 20 people working with us to write the history of how the early stage startup funding will be changed forever – the best part of this is, that every single one is also able to “own their piece of this history” in the form of Grow VC equity.

We have decided that using this model will be our primary tool when looking for new people to join our venture, regardless of what stage we are in, as it tends to lure the most capable and entrepreneurial people from all over the globe. You know the type of people that have the skills, want to do their best and be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Who says this opportunity should be limited to original founders? Who says, that in the beginning we had to do it this way, and later on we can’t? To be honest, I’m actually scared that by hiring people with “just money”, will attract less entrepreneurial people and I’m not so sure if that’s a good thing… for us anyway. Just consider what we are building.

In fact we have decided to take this as a normal practice and build a standard process around this, so it’s easy for us to open our door to anyone that shares our passion and is willing to commit to our mission. After we agree that there is a good basic fit, then it’s up to new team member to show they can build value, if they do, they are given more responsibility and more resources to do even more – and if not – no hard feelings, that’s just life. We give our best support to everyone, but don’t expect to be “managed” as great people can work with just a mission and basic support and communication.

We already know there’s a lot of people that believe in our vision and want to be part of writing the history startup funding, but now we also want to make this more official – think about how hard it can be to be “selected” by companies like Facebook etc. (not saying we are there… yet), we want to make joining us easy and then it’s all about earning the position, while also earning our equity at the same time. If you feel it will be great to be able to add Grow VC to your resumé and later say, you have been part of it – our door is open. Now, what value can you build?

Here’s some areas where we are currently looking for new resources:

  • – developers in different skill levels
  • – writers to write catchy blog posts
  • – SEO and blog relations
  • – infographics for marketing
  • – visuals to draw some feature update specifications (ie. to help visualize a given task/end result for developers)
  • – more challenging work to design and create visuals for whole new service segment related to our platform
  • – UI and UX tweaks to existing service to simplify or better communicate wanted action for users
  • – create stunning presentation material for our keynote speeches held in conferences around the world
  • – create visual / marketing material to better communicate some feature, our business model or parts of our business model
  • – video/animation work to communicate some feature, our business model or parts of our business model
  • – build our partner network

Working remote is not a problem and it’s also possible to work part time as long as the minimum hours per week are meaningful. Also you are free to work on other projects along side when working for us.

Naturally those that can join us at this point have a strong position and opportunity with us in the long run and that’s why we are looking for people that have entrepreneurial spirit and see our venture as a real opportunity to be part of something really big and meaningful.

Also being part of our team and venture will open up other new opportunities for you as well, since we are glad to help out our own team in any ways we can. This can be in form of giving you visibility in our networks and contacts, finding other interesting projects for you or helping you with your business, now and/or later.

What comes to requirements and expectations – we have plenty of different level of tasks to work with, so after we get started we can then see who’s skills, available time, motivation and so on, is best match to each task at hand. The main priority is “to get stuff done” where everyone is contributing and building tangible value.

We see that work should not be something you do just for the money and then have a hobby where your passions are – we think it’s possible to achieve both. If your passion is in building something meaningful – that is what we are about and our door is open for you.

Join our team – Start here.

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