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How the crowd can be involved?

So you’re now a part of the GrowVC community and you’ve completed your startup profile and all set to publish. What next? The key to securing crowdfunding, attracting potential investors or even simply promoting your venture online is “The Crowd”. Behind every startup venture that is being talked about online, making appearances in blogs, getting investor attention building a following for themselves are some active entrepreneurs who know how to “initiate the crowd” and move them. Just like every large enterprise has a PR engine working behind the scenes to keep investors, customers and stakeholders upbeat about the business. Here are 5 ways to “move the crowd” towards your crowdfunding and startup objectives:

Grow Your Network. Connect.

Connect with other members by adding them to your network whether they’re investors, other entrepreneurs or experts on the community. As a startup that needs to engage the crowd and get them involved you’ll often have to make the first move and reach out to others. Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. In other words, review other startups, comment and assist. Simply adding a new connection can get them to view your startup page go through your plan and get your startup on their radar. Only after they notice you, are they going to start to comment or express interest in what you’re up to. With every member you add to your network you’re also adding a potential fans and advocates for your startup!

Bring Your Own Crowd

It takes a spark to ignite a movement. The best way to light that spark is bring your own little crowd of family, friends and known supporters who can start supporting your startup, get discussions going and set the stage for others to follow suit. The more initial support you can gather from your closer internal network, the quicker you can get others to join in and gather momentum.

Promote Your Startup Page & Crowdfunding Initiative

The success of a crowdfunding campaign is often the result of the outreach you have and the awareness you can create. The more people you can reach out to and direct towards your crowdfunding initiative and startup page the better. Within the GrowVC community there are channels such as the discussions section, follow members options, post updates to your page and more. Outside, there are channels like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and your own blogs where you can talk about your crowdfunding effort, place banners, badges and draw as many people as possible.

Involve Everyone

Bring your investors online. Show your investors to the crowd. There is nothing quite like the confidence of a few investors in your effort to create confidence among the others. Ask for advice, consider what the feedback is, get others involved. All other things being equal, members would prefer to fund a startup they feel closer to or a part of than one they don’t connect with and feel involved in.

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

There is always a little extra you can afford to give away for free (or at a discount) to those who are willing to support your startup. Whether it’s a free sign up to your application, an exclusive chance for a first peek into the product, a discount voucher or something which provides incentive for others to offer their support or make that investment in your venture. Even if it’s more of a token which makes the crowd feel a little special for being a supporter, it shows that the entrepreneur and startup care about their stakeholders and those that help them in their journey. That in itself, can win you fans.

With just some of these steps followed up on regularly and put into action, you’re on your way to initiating the crowd who may well be future investors in your venture!

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