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How to attract talents from all over the world.We’re now moving in such pace that some of the new stuff we do, quickly becomes yesterdays news and I almost forgot to share our yesterdays announcement also in here. Hit this link to read the release. In our release we announced our own Service Investment round with some great new members joining our team and also that we are now opening our own first funding round.

In case you didn’t know, Grow VC have been fully self funded for past two years, but now we feel ready and confident that it’s time to add a dose of rocket fuel and kick in another gear to extend our reach and add even more speed to our progress. Based on requests we get all the time, it feels that’s also what the people are expecting from us.

As mentioned in our release, we are planning to follow our own rules here and do our own funding round in the “Grow VC style”. So we are looking to do this as part Angel round and part crowdfunding.

For crowdfunding part, we still have some stuff to figure out, as using the community funding model we now have in our service, would perhaps be unfair for others if we would just jump in – so we are also thinking additional ways to structure it so that it would not be taking anything away from others in our service and ways where everyone can really feel to be part of Grow VC.  – Naturally if we find a good new model, we will release that for everyone else in our community to use as well.

So far, when meeting different people and also talking about us doing crowdfunding to Grow VC we have mostly got; “yes you should” -type of replies and many have even suggested it without us even asking. So we do think it would be only natural for us to do it and also feels it’s what’s expected from us.

Naturally we would like to get your feedback as well, so feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below, so we can get some discussions going :)

Should Grow VC crowdfund part of it’s funding round or not?

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