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How to present your startup in an effective and efficient way?

For any Start up, there is a need to build a great pitch and make it effective. Here are the most typical topics you should cover in your first short pitch, where the goal simply is to have a change in the next step.

  • The problem
  • The solution
  • The market
  • The plan to reach the market (inc. your team’s knowledge base)
  • Proposed Deal

If you think about this in “PowerPoint format”, in your elevator pitch (3-5 min), you should not have more than 5 points per slide with max 7 rows of text. The idea is that you only hit the highlights and make your audience “want to hear/read the details” = your goal.

Here’s few pointers by Carmine Gallo about the Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.

  1. first set the theme
  2. outline your presentation and make it clear when you have covered one thing before moving on to the next one
  3. BE excited. If you are not, why would the audience be?
  4. sell experiences or value, not the features
  5. make it visual, less text more images
  6. practise, practise and practise
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