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29 September 2009 – Hong Kong and London – Grow VC, the global web service that enables transparent, easy early stage funding for web and mobile startups, has today launched its public beta.

New features in include:

  • Open registration for any startup or investor, simply by visiting – invitations are no longer needed
  • The industry’s first global platform for service investment opportunities – so investors and experts can invest in startups using man-hours instead of dollars, and startups can offer partial ownership for work. Grow VC is the first web service to enable the quid pro quo arrangements companies have been attracted to all over the world, especially during the economic downturn
  • ‘Market trends’ including Twitter integration, giving startups and investors the ability to track global market pulse and trending topics against companies and industries
  • ‘Talks’ and ‘Following’ capabilities to enhance two-way communication between users, be they startups, entrepreneurs, investors or experts
  • Beta promotion: free service during the beta (ending on 31 January 2010)

“We’re a dynamic, feature-rich global marketplace for startups to meet investors, and vice versa, with quality members who have made it through a strict vetting process,” said CEO Valto Loikkanen. “This public beta gives some of the most innovative conversational and community-building tools out there, to redefine web 2.0 funding models by speeding up processes and simplifying communications.”

One example of a startup that can be found in Grow VC is, a unique web and mobile advertising and PR platform. The Birmingham, UK-based startup converts business commercials into mobile videos that can be sent to phones. is currently seeking $150,000 in funding and has a pre-funding valuation of $1,350,000. The company is a finalist for the O2 X Male Entrepreneur of the Year award. founder Joel Graham-Blake said:

“Grow VC is a whole new way of finding funding. As a startup, some of the conventional methods of sourcing funds (attracting VCs, applying for grants or asking our bank for a loan) weren’t in line with our business goals. With our Grow VC membership we are confident we’ll be able to find the right angel investor for us.”

Grow VC’s commitment to remaining the only international matchmaking site for startups and investors has resulted in a global advisory board developed in summer 2009 with industry luminaries Aron Bohlig in the US, Esther Barak Landes in Israel and Rahul Patwardhan in India. Each advisor brings extensive experience in funding technology companies. Their biographies can be found at

Grow VC’s beta promotion is projected to end by 31 January 2010, so anyone who joins during the beta can use the service for free until then, when normal fees will range from $150 to $900 USD annually. Grow VC will roll out more innovative features at that time including groundbreaking investment structures.

About Grow VC

Grow VC is Venture Capital 2.0, bringing the first truly transparent, international, community-based approach to early stage funding. Grow VC can help mobile and web 2.0 startup stars secure initial funding for their businesses ranging from $10,000 to 1m USD. Grow VC will not only connect startup entrepreneurs with ‘funders’ (investors) to help them discover their common interests, but also provide tools for the process and new transparent ways of doing things. Grow VC international headquarters is located in Hong Kong.

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Emily McDaid

Head of Communications

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Twitter: @growvc


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