August 24th, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

After having published, back in December 2014, an Opinion to national competent authorities and Advice to the EU institutions on digital investing, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) identified the need of clarifying the extent of the risks involved in investment-based crowdfunding relating to the potential for money laundering and for terrorist financing. The result of this is a Q&A on the above mentioned topics, which ESMA made publish at the beginning of July.

The purpose of the document is to promote common supervisory approaches and practices in the application of anti-money laundering rules to investment-based crowdfunding. It provides responses to questions posed by national competent authorities in the course of ESMA’s work on investment-based crowdfunding, drawing on expert input from the Joint Committee sub-committee on Anti-Money Laundering.

The document is therefore aimed at national competent authorities to support them in ensuring that their supervisory approach is effective, taking into account the characteristics of and risks associated with different aspects of digital investing. With this publication, ESMA gives further input to European Countries on how to regulate the emerging market of digital investing with a common approach, which is the basis to create a possible European crowdfunding market.

Read more and find the whole document on Crowd Valley Blog.


August 20th, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

Asia is moving quickly to become the world’s FinTech hub. In a special documentary to be aired this year, leading experts from across Asia were invited to share their views and comment on the outlook.

At the forefront of digital online marketplaces, Grow Advisors discusses the importance for Asia and the potential for future businesses. Watch the trailer and get ready for the full length feature.

Grow Advisors is proud to support the growth of FinTech around the world. We offer consulting and professional services on crowdfunding, crowd investing and p2p finance. Our advisors develop platforms that connect startup ecosystems, set up marketplaces and co­-investment models, structured investment instruments, and find innovative ways to create finance solutions.


August 16th, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

Bloomberg published an article about crowdfunding, alternative finance and digital finance models for public sector projects, e.g. for infrastructure investments. Bloomberg interviewed Grow VC Group’s founder and chairman Jouko Ahvenainen for the article. The article summarizes opportunities and challenges, how new digital finance solutions help to get investments in public sector projects.

The article describes needs for new solutions: “Federal and state governments are spending less on public works projects than in recent years, despite historically low interest rates, with transportation and water infrastructure spending in the U.S. declining about 9 percent from 2003 to 2014, according to a Congressional Budget Office report.” And it continues “The Downtown Denver Partnership used Ioby to raise $36,085 for a protected bike lane expected to open this fall, says Aylene McCallum, the director of the partnership’s downtown environment division. ”

The article quotes Grow VC Group’s Jouko Ahvenainen “Jouko Ahvenainen, the executive chairman of Grow VC Group, which works on crowdfunding investment models, says bringing municipal bonds to digital investing services will make the market more efficient. Still, Ahvenainen says, the market is fragmented, and it’s too early to tell how the nascent sector will shake out. ‘There will be consolidation and companies with models that disappear,’ says Ahvenainen, whose company works on crowd-based investment models.

You can read the whole article at Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Grow VC Group article

August 11th, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

Are you struggling to stay up to date with all the new jargons used in finance? The industry is changing fast and with that also the vocabulary associated. This post is intended to be used as a cheat sheet for those wanting to stay knowledgeable and are looking to understand a bit more about FinTech. If you are an avid reader of our Crowd Valley’s blog then you probably know most of what explained below, but you can always take a look at it as a quick refresher.

FinTech is a contraction of two words, finance and technology, and refers to companies, that provide financial services through the engagement of technology. According to the Accenture’s new report ‘The Future of FinTech and Banking’, global investment in financial technology tripled in 2014, with a 201% increase between 2013 and 2014, with approximately $12B invested through more than 730 deals. Looking at the last twelve months the number increased again going very close the $14B mark. The following chart by CB Insights, reported by Business Insider, help visualise the huge growth within the sector.

Going back to our FinTech glossary below you can find the brief explanation of six of the most commonly used terms when we talk about financial technology, read explanations from Crowd Valley Blog:

1. Equity Crowdfunding (also known as Crowdinvesting or Digital Investing),

2. Peer-to-Peer Lending (also know as P2P Lending or Social Lending),

3. Digital Wallets,

4. Robo Advisors,

5. Cryptocurrencies,

6. API.

All in all there is no areas in FinTech that is not experiencing tremendous growth. Banking giants like Goldman Sachs, Citi, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley, as well the biggest Venture Capital’s firm have started to bet big money on FinTech, with startups in this sector that have attracted $12 billion of investment in 2014, up from $4 billion the year before. From crowdfunding to p2p lending, from payments to wealth management, there is a new wave of startups that is disrupting the finance industry, with $4.7 trillion in revenue for traditional financial services at risk of being displaced by the new entrants according to a Goldman Sachs research. The future for the FinTech industry looks brighter than it has ever looked before.

Read the whole article on Crowd Valley Blog.

digital p2p lending

August 10th, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

In a special feature of Finance Monthly, Grow Advisors discusses the recent history and future prospects of FinTech.

Click here to access the August edition.

In a series of articles, Grow Advisors will share views on the growth of online marketplaces. We shall also outline how we’re helping leading financial institutions identify and seize opportunities in this fast changing space.

Grow Advisors is proud to support the growth of FinTech around the world. We offer consulting and professional services on crowdfunding, crowd investing and p2p finance globally. Our advisors develop platforms that connect startup ecosystems, set up marketplaces and co­-investment models, structured investment instruments, and find innovative ways to create finance solutions globally.

Grow Advisors in Finance Monthly

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