March 2nd, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

Venture funding for start-ups in Canada has dropped by 80% from the glory days in 2000 according to the Canadian National Crowdfunding Association. As a result, it has become more difficult for SMEs to raise capital. However, for the summer of 2015, Canada can expect crowdinvesting rules to be implemented, making the market more efficient.

This was stated by the Ontario Securities Commission last week. The new regime is mainly focused on start-ups and SMEs operating in Canada. This regime will also have benefits for fundraising businesses: in fact, they  will have the possibility to raise capital from a larger number of investors, using securities regulated registered online investment platforms, guaranteeing  safety in the process. The Ontario Securities Commission is positive for the future of this new source of finance and believes that the new regime will benefit all actors on the market.

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Canada regions (source: Wikipedia)

Canada regions (source: Wikipedia)

February 27th, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

In July 2014 a crowdinvesting bill (named the North Carolina Jobs Act) was given to the North Carolina General Assembly for approval. Unfortunately the bill was caught up in end-of-session political debate and eventually defeated.

In 2015, a further General Assembly session has been scheduled to revisit the Jobs Act along with a further proposed crowdfunding bills competing for North Carolina’s government approval. The first bill is titled North Carolina Jobs Act, while the second is called North Carolina Intrastate Private Capital Act which has been revered as more liberal and less restrictive.
In fact, the original bill largely follows the online investing template that has been put into effect in other 14 US counties, the latter represents a more lax approach, reducing minimum requirements and limitations for issuers and investors. In particular, while both drafted bills refer to North Carolina residents and companies.

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North Carolina

February 26th, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

At its core, crowdfunding is a process involving many people coming together, each contributing a small amount, in order to accomplish a larger task. This can be in exchange for a reward or as is the case with real estate, a share in an asset. Technology is the great enabler, and it’s use in the development of social networks is evolving at breakneck speeds.

In a recent report by BBVA, one of Europe’s largest banks, the opportunity posed by crowdfunding was laid clear: “Crowdfunding is a disruptive innovation that commercial banks cannot ignore. Perhaps, for the first time in history, business and individuals have access to an unprecedented source of capital created from the small contributions of millions of individuals around the world.”

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Crowdcitee developers

February 24th, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

Online investing in South East Asia is moving fast lately. After Malaysia and Thailand, it is now the turn of Singapore to announce regulation changes in order to foster digital investments. The Republic, with its 5.4 million population and a surface of approximately 718 km2, is probably best known for its high GDP and for being home to many multinational companies. However, what is possibly less know for is that it is the country where it is the easiest place to do business in the world and that SMEs contribute largely to Singapore’s economic growth employing 70% of the workforce.

It is to foster the development of this type of companies that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has recently launched a public consultation asking for feedback on proposed rules and exemptions to encourage the establishments and growth of securities based online investing portals. In particular, MAS proposes to limit the possibility to invest through online portals only to accredited investors, who are deemed more expert and conscious of the inherent risks of investing in young businesses.

MAS invites all the interested parties to contribute with comments by 18th of March 2015.

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February 23rd, 2015 by: Grow VC Group

Many awesome things happen during any Startup Weekend event: innovative ideas, team creation, products building, wonderful pitches, fantastic experience, etc. It is a really good lab to test many ideas. The latest and pioneering idea in the world related to Startup Weekend events happened last december in Málaga, Spain where Startup Commons participated as a sponsor at Startup Weekend Málaga 2014 in which Sostenibilidad a Medida measured how sustainable was the startup weekend event in order to compensate and transform it to be a carbon-neutral event.

Here you are a really thorough description from Juanjo Amate, founder of Sostenibilidad a Medida, in which he explains the whole process and next actions for the future:

“Shortly we can bring about what a Startup Weekend, beyond the opinions of our director, Juanjo Amate, who participated as a mentor to sustainability and social impact on the 2013 edition of SW Málaga and that surely will be endorsed by any I have participated as organizer, mentor or participant in one of these events are held weekly throughout the world.

Definitely startups are revolutionizing the world economy and their role of sustainability will be crucial to reach a green economy model, circular or sustainable truly transformational. Hence in Sostenibilidad a Medida are betting on developing tools that help startups to incorporate sustainability into their processes from the beginning, what we call Sustainability for Startups.

Beyond knowing, measure and compensate for the impact on sustainability of Startup Weekend Málaga, the important thing was to make the whole Startup Weekend community participant of this commitment and achieve through unconventional actions awareness, involve you with it and move the importance of combining economic and sustainability activity. We hope we have succeeded, once again thank you for your collaboration and especially the impact it has had and continues to have this initiative.”

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Startup Weekend Malaga

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