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Small and mid-size enterprises with fewer than 500 employees are the backbone of the U.S. economy, and make up 98 percent of the 300,000 U.S. exporters. SMEs have in the past few years gained ground in the value of U.S. exports, now making up over a third of all exports. The number of U.S. SME exporters is, according to surveys, poised to expand substantially. Rigorous academic studies time and again show that these globalizing companies outperform the broader market by all key metrics; at the same time, these high-performers view lack of access to financing as a leading constraint to their international expansion. This White Paper addresses this market inefficiency. It takes stock of the state of SME exports in the United States, lays out research findings on how and why export-driven globalizing companies outperform their peers that target only the domestic market, and why exporter SMEs face a financing gaps. We conclude by discussing how TradeUp addresses this market inefficiency.

The white paper is available on TradeUp Fund web site.

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April 17th, 2014 by: Grow VC Group

On March 14th 2014, Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and his Cabinet approved a de-regulation of equity fundraising to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law paving the way for companies, especially startups, to raise finance through crowdfunding.

PM Abe’s ‘Abenomics’, is set to encourage SMEs growth and development, thereby encouraging domestic demand and finally overcoming two decades worth of deflation. Mr. Aso, Japan’s Financial Minister states that the reform “is necessary to strengthen the provision of risk money and boost the confidence in the financial market”.

Read the whole article on Crowd Valley Blog.


April 17th, 2014 by: Grow VC Group

Lexology has published an excellent summary about equity crowdfunding regulation in Asia.

Summary of Lexology article:

Crowfunding has become a popular equity raising method since its legal acceptance in the U.S. in 2012, although such techniques are used much less widely in APAC.  Certain Singaporean exemptions to conventional securities laws may work better than those in other APAC jurisdictions–especially Hong Kong’s–although Shanghai has some innovative SPV structures in place that could provide a model for financing startups regionally.  In short, the legal and regulatory regimes for crowdfunding remain opaque throughout APAC.  InsightLegal Asia Consulting (www.insightlegalasia.com) specializes in ‘clarifying complexity’ and herein we (i) consider the U.S. legal framework and how crowdfunding investments (pursuant to the JOBS Act) avoid the otherwise stringent U.S. SEC rules for raising equity and debt capital from retail investors.  We then (ii) turn to Singapore and see how the securities framework offers limited exemptions for equity crowdfunding.  Finally, we (iii) examine Hong Kong and (iv) China to determine how crowdfunding arrangements are proceeding in the absence of clear regulatory treatment.

The article also talks about Grow VC Group and Crowdbaron activities in APAC.

You can read the whole article on the Lexology site.



April 16th, 2014 by: Grow VC Group

2014 is a year when world trade made a comeback. According to recent estimates, world trade in goods is poised to pick up to reach nearly 5 percent growth, more than doubling 2013 growth figures. Global trade in services – such as engineering, legal, technical, accounting, architecture, or any service where the provider is in one country and the buyer in another – continue robust growth.

This is great news after the 12 percent plunge in world trade in 2009 and the lackluster growth in trade over the past few years.

The long-term view is even better. HSBC projects that world trade in goods will grow 8 percent annually through 2030. This means that world trade will double between 2013 and 2022, and triple by 2028. Trade will yet again outpace global GDP growth, as it has over the past several years. In 1950-2005, world GDP grew about 5 times, but world trade grew 11 times! According to HSBC, 2016 is a major inflexion point: exports from advanced economies, particularly the United States, are set to expand very rapidly in 2016-2020.

Read the whole article in TradeUp Blog.


April 15th, 2014 by: Grow VC Group

We started TradeUp with a very specific purpose: help globalizing companies access capital so they can reach their full potential in international markets. We are passionate about this mission: we get to help businesses expand, create jobs, and contribute to economic growth and recovery. But we also have three hard-nosed business motives to start TradeUp, also laid out in our new White Paper. Here they are:

  • Reason 1: Record numbers of SMEs are globalizing
  • Reason 2: Globalizing companies outperform
  • Reason 3: Globalizing companies face a financing gap we can bridge

Read the full article and more details on TradeUp Blog.


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